Sunday, October 14, 2007

introducing (week ONE)

Welcome to the new new new Remixed & Revised blog! I'll be posting the highlights of each show here, with links on where to get some of the songs or albums I featured. Remember that you can always access my playlists by going to

Last week featured a lot of really good stuff that I've been collecting over a long period of time, so I unfortunately can't show you were to get all the songs. However, My Old Kentucky Blog has been working on a covers project for quite a while now. If you head over there, scroll for a while, and look on the left-hand column, you should find links to a bunch of posts for different songs. There are literally 100s of covers on this blog. I chose a few to play, but if you really love covers, this is the place to look.

Another song I'd like to stress is the remix of Taken By Trees's "Too Young". I found the reworking at Pitchfork and it's really pretty amazing. You can also access Taken By Trees' myspace for more songs, which I highly suggest. I can't tell you how many blissful naps have been set to Victoria Bersgman's voice (she sang on "Young Folks").

I'd also like to point out my show's mission statement in action. Last week I played a Hot Chip remix of "Launch Yourself" by a band called Adem. I've loved this song for quite a while, but never looked into the original artist's work until last week. Turns out Adem is an awesome musician, and one that I wouldn't have discovered had it not been for Hot Chip's superior mixing skills. Check them out here.

Don't forget to tune in every week, as every week is going to be quite different. I have a lot of neat stuff planned for tonight, so look forward to a great show and a great new post soon!

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